Our hearts go out to all those people who have been affected by all the natural disasters.  I ask that all of you right now please take a moment to send a rainbow from your hearts to everyone out there to let them know we care.

So much devastation and natural disasters around us all,  but why you ask?

Just after New Year every year my family and I go camping at a beautiful coastal town for a well deserved holiday.  As we were driving off with our camper trailer in tow we were feeling very blessed and ready for our holiday which we nearly did not make as terrible flooding had already begun in Central Queensland.

My husband and I were talking how we had been through such a drought and how everyone was following the water restrictions and worried about water and one year on they are going letting water out of some of the big dams as we are at full capacity. How much could change in one year!

We were only a few days into the new year and he asked me about what was to be expected since we had so much rain already.  I told him that 2011 was a year for 1st!  That we had not seen anything yet!  Long story short we blew 3 tyres along the way and we all felt that our luck was bad and turned a 6hour trip into a 10hour trip.  As we drove into Toowoomba I started feeling very sick and had to lay down as the energy was very heavy and hard to deal with as I was not sure why it was so heavy as we made it out of Toowoomba and seeing devastation from the last rain that hit witchcott and the raod had been so damaged we blew our 3rd tyre and had to pull into Gatton and joked about how we could have to stay in Gatton for our holidays.

Finally we reached our destination and our stay was fantastic after 11 inches of rain the sun was coming out.  That was when Toowoomba was hit with a storm that turned out to be life changing for many people.  How many of us looked at that footage and seen the cars that bobbed like corks in such disbelief.  I then remember how I did a reading for a lady in Toowoomba a few months earlier and the message was she was to finish of her special project working on the family tree that she had been working on beacuse of flood waters which could destroy it and to put it somewhere safe.  I distincly remember her giving me a chuckle and I laughed back to going I know it sounds crazy but just make sure you do it!

As the devastation hit I texted a friend of mine in Toowoomba and asked if they were okay! They explained they were fine but could not believe it themselves.  I replied back, “Brisbane has even been hit yet I am sorry to say!!!”

In the meanwhile on our holiday our relatives from Ingaham & Cairns flew down to holiday with us.   All along everyone joking that the cyclones would hit them after travelling all they way down to QLD to wet and cut off roads for sure they would get back up to North QLD in time to have a cyclone come and hit them,  haa haa.

They were only back a few weeks when Yasi arrived, no joking now a little scary as we had rellies in Cairns, Cardwell & Ingham.  Lucky all were safe!

People then kept coming up and asking whats next and I said all I will say is 2011 is a year for 1sts.  Now more flooding, fires, earthquakes and now JAPAN!

WHY!!!! you ask!

Well we are letting go of so much old energy now and Mother Nature is helping us all clean out and not in the most favourable way.  It is physically making us let go of anything we do not need anymore.  A culture shock for everyone!!!

I ask you what have you learned out of 2011 so far?

I know that blowing 3 tyres or being stuck in traffic where you need to be somewhere else means absoloutely nothing!

I feel very blessed to have my family and friends and a happy and healthy life!

So again I ask you what are you grateful for?  Who is important in your life?  How can I help others around me? What can I do for my environment?

Mother Nature is taking back so we need to respect everything and everyone!

Work toward helping and giving of yourself even if it is a silent prayers for all those who have lost.

Find peace in your heart and your mind by working towards an egoless mind that says we must be tied down and suffer to have anything good in life:-

Let go of anger that is held in your body can it really help! no find a souloution that comes from the heart and allow others to see that.

Surrender the need of control and let the sun shine through your door each morning and breathe in the fresh air as you take each day as it comes:- Remember God has you exactly where he wants you even if you are stuck in traffic!

Life is important Live it but remeber what others have been through so you may make a conscious effort to change to a better more loving, more vibrant you, because you matter! Life matters!

2011 is not all about natural disasters but happy outcomes too!  If you decide to look deep inside and start making the changes that matter you will find that many new opportunities and doors will become open to you.  Be ready to receive and it will happen, believe!!!

“It is never too late to live the dream!”

Share the Love, Julie.

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