Wow what a month February was and now we are in March and nearly heading into April and what a change ino energy! The energy shift that came in on Valentines day was all about confrontation & protection!!!.. Which last February and most of March there was so much confrontation especially on social media sites and especially on the reality tv shows (ripping down others to make themselves feel better and just check out The Block &  My Kitchen Rules!) Confrontation within families, friends and even in our communities (just watch the news)Even though it is sad to see people feeling so on edge that they feel the need to attack to be heard or getting upset because they are in a bad mood.. however this is a big lesson for us all. you see It is all about confrontation yes … but it is about how handle it and what we do with it that is important! When confrontation arises, anger is raised and words can start spitting like venom and before you know it is out of hand. when people are interlocked in a heated discussion and the she said/ he said blame game it is hard to find any resolution at all to the original issues as no one is really listening to the other. It time to take responsibility fight the battle worth fighting and let the rest go. Enough with the drama it’s time to breathe we need to stop being a victim and blaming others and take responsibility to really grow to be the best person we can possibly be. if you have been part of a confrontation ask yourself what was your role in situation, acknowledge it even if it is good or bad behaviour and learn from it. if you are in the wrong then let go don’t keep getting upset because pushing someone to agree with you wont help. let people believe in what they want and walk away because Holding onto anger, resentment and judgement will only make matters worse. Just remember treat people as we would like to be treated and if your in the wrong man up and say sorry because our thoughts, our words and our actions say a lot about who we are as a person. Pretty much what I am trying to say is that in the end no one wins!! And only upsets the people involved and those around them and sometimes this can involve kids. So my motto simplicity!
Again the lesson…. Confrontation – it is all about how you handle it and what you do with it that is the real lesson!
So lets not take on anger and resentment but live your life to inspire others – after all what do you teach your children?

Obviously with this much confrontation the energy has stirred up the need for protection from people who may inflict negative energy and also from residual energy from emotional and energy attachments. It is amazing the amount of people I have been working with to help cleanse and clear their homes from excess energy which can interfere with your sleeping patterns, your mood swings and even your electrical appliances. So clenase and clear your house with a sage smudge stick, move your furniture around, put plants in your home, you can use crystals to help protect you and your home and make sure you regularly light a candle to invoke the angels. Dont forget to cleanse and clear the body through regular massage, energy healing or even just through a salt bath or use of crystals….. And the major thing to do…. Back to a simple guided meditation to cleanse and clear away the muck from the day for a restful nights sleep! You can even get meditation on an ap now!So dont forget protection through cleansing and clearing of your home & body.


Its all about responsibility!!!! Being accountable and responsible for your actions, your feelings towards others and the choices you make in life. Remember no one can make you do anything (unless by physical force!) So its time to:-
BE RESPONSIBLE…… For your thought, words & actions!
BE RESPONSIBLE…… By understanding the difference between right & wrong!
BE RESPONSIBLE ….. Empty your too hard basket and JUST DO IT!
BE RESPONSBILE ……Use your skills to help others and make them feel good!
BE RESPONSIBLE…… for your own choice…. and let others be accountable for their own actions!
BE RESPONSIBLE ……Mind map out what you want to accomplish for this year! (Mind mapping is simple…get a piece of paper and write your name in the middle then from that bubble branch out to many other bubbles around it say… Career, Exercise, Passion, Family, Partners name, Love, Money, Future….. Whatever you want to accomplish and keep mind mapping out from each one of those bubbles until you have clearly stated visually what needs to be done. You can keep adding to this through out the year!)
BE RESPONSIBLE …..Dont choose to be a victim…… Choose to take responsibilty for your life!
BE RESPONSIBLE ….. For how you treat yourself…. Look after yourself Mindy Body & Soul!
How you respond to situations in your life is up to you!

When we take responsibility, we take action, we use love and we conquer our own fear and say YES to life!

I hope you have a happy and very safe Easter break……… and hope to see you at Miracles & Mediums in Brisbane on 11 May!

Love to all!


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