The Universal Book of Life – Encyclopedia of Spirituality & Beyond!

By Julie McKenzie – The Natural Medium.

This profound revolutionary book features over 200 topics, taking you directly to the heart of life’s issues and explaining the spiritual connection to your life. This easy to use reference guide gives you life wisdom and knowledge that empowers you to find future happiness.

****Don’t underestimate the power & integrity of the soul You don’t choose a life – you live one! ****** UBOL CoverJPEG

Chapter 1: What is Life? The Big Bang Theory The Tree of Life The Lost Lands of Atlantis Mythical Creatures The Mayans The Ancient Egyptians The Wheel of Life  

Chapter 2: Ancient Knowledge Culture & Tradition Animals The Power of Crystals Mother Nature Rainbows & Colours Quick Colour Reference Guide The Shaman & Indigenous Cultures Sacred Land & Ceremonies Shape Shifting  

Chapter 3: Symbolic Life Ancient Symbols Circles Mother Earth & Father Sky The Four Elements Natural Disasters Vibrational Energy  

Chapter 4: Other Worlds Prophets & Prophecy Spiritual Teachers & Leaders Astrology The Sun, the Moons & the Stars The Pleiadians The Gateway to the Realms PART II: THE CIRCLE OF LIFE (PRESENT)

Chapter 5: Finding Balance through Creative Expression Music & Dance Books Film & Television Writing & Journal Work Artistic Impressions Cherishing your Family & Alone Time  

Chapter 6: Life’s Book of Everyday Secrets Money & Abundance Warriors vs. Victims R.E.S.P.E.C.T The Rules of Society Home Is Where the Heart Is What’s My Life Purpose?  

Chapter 7: Feeling & Facing our Emotions Love is… Finding Passion, Excitement & Desire Within Fear & Terror Letting go of Anger & Resentment The Depths of Sadness & Depression Passing Judgement Greed, Revenge & Power Forgiveness & Acceptance The Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth Empathy What is Freedom?  

Chapter 8: Actions & Reactions Drama, Drama, Drama Karma is a Bitch if you are! Quick Guide for Creating Good Karma The Law of Attraction Manifesting Quick Guide to Manifesting Miracles  

Chapter 9: The Circle of Life Birth Indigo, Crystal & Rainbow Children Wisdom through Life Experiences Gone Before their Time Disease & Illness Miscarriages, Abortion & Childhood Illness Accidents Drug & Alcohol Addiction Death Unexpected Death Suicide Murder Grief The Grieving Process PART III: THE FUTURE & BEYOND (FUTURE)

Chapter 10: Looking to the Future Spiritual Evolution Mind Mapping Lessons in Life Emotional, Physical & Financial Baggage Breaking the Cycle What does the Future Hold? KISS: Keep it Simple Sweetheart (Simplify your daily life!) Random Acts of Kindness Quick Guide to Random Acts of Kindness Quick Guide to Random Acts of Kindness for Kids  

Chapter 11: Energy Protection Bullying, Power Players & Manipulation Energy Drain Psychic Energy Attack Emotional Attachments Earthbound Spirits, Lost Souls, Entities & Ghosts Hauntings Residual Energy, Vortexes & Portals  

Chapter 12: Practical Protection Methods Visualisation White Light Shield Coloured Shields Bubble Technique Chakra Protection Disco Ball Protection The Painted X Cutting Cords Crystal & Gemstone Protection Protecting your Car Quick Guide to Protecting your Car Protecting Loved Ones & Children  

Chapter 13: Cleansing & Clearing Energy Invoking the Angels, Guides & Guardians Guided Meditation Music Candles Light Essences, Oils & Sprays Sea & Himalayan Salts Plants & Flowers Drums, Cymbals, Bells & Singing Bowls Smudging & Incense Crystal Grids Quick Guide to Setting a Grid Pattern Body Cleansing & Clearing Quick Guide to Cleansing & Clearing the Body House Cleansing & Clearing Quick Guide to Cleansing & Clearing your Home or Business Gratitude Altars Reclaim your Power  

Chapter 14: Psychic Medium Signs Free Will Ego Intuition is our Sixth Sense Psychic Medium Responsibilities of a Psychic or Medium Lightworkers Oracles & Divination Tools Messages & Signs The Four ‘Clairs’ Clairvoyance – I see Clairsentience – I feel Claircognizance – I know Clairaudience – I hear Skepticism vs. Cynicism Receiving a Private Reading from a Psychic or Medium  

Chapter 15: The Hereafter The Last Breath Crossing Over The Gates of Heaven The Seven Kingdoms of Heaven The Kingdom of Heaven The Kingdom of Enlightenment – Life Review The Kingdom of Paradise The Kingdom of Humanity The Kingdom of Souls The Kingdom of Eternal Wisdom The Kingdom of the Universal Galaxy Gods Kingdom God – The Almighty The Fear of Hell Reincarnation How do I live without you? I Will Remember you… Will you Remember me? How soon after Death, can we make Contact? Out of Body Experience (OBE) Near Death Experience (NDE)   PART IV: THE POWER OF THE MIND (MIND)

Chapter 16: The Mysterious Mind The Brain Accidental Genius & Instant Virtuosos The Placebo Effect  

Chapter 17: Psychology of the Mind The Three States of Mind Hypnosis Past Life Regression vs. Past Life Meditation Mental Illness Psychotic Disorders Counselling & Psychotherapy  

Chapter 18: Relaxing the Mind Dreams Meditation Breathing Meditation Muscle Relaxation Meditation On the Spot Meditation Candle Meditation Walking Meditation Clear Mind Meditation Visualisation Meditation Mindful Meditation Sound Meditation (Mantra) Sound Meditation (Drumming) Enchanted Meditation Affirmations & Positive Thinking   PART V: FEEL GOOD, LOOK FABULOUS (BODY)

Chapter 19: The Matrix – The Human Energy System & Beyond Chakras The First Seven Chakras The Higher Chakras Auras Quick Guide to Aura Colour Layers of the Auric Field The 7 Inner Layers of the Auric Field The 5 Outer Layers of the Auric Field Restoring the Human Energy Field Chakra Meditation Chakra Colour Chart for Meditation  

Chapter 20: Happy Mind, Happy Body, Happy Life! The Physical Body Disease or Dis-ease? Nutrition Exercise the Natural Drug Body Healing   PART VI: SOUL SURVIVAL (SOUL)

Chapter 21: The Soul The Higher Self The Higher Heart Soul Contracts Past Lives Eternal Vows Vow of Poverty or Materialism Vow of Abstinence or Chastity Vow of Abnegation or Self-Sacrifice Vow of Celibacy or Separation Vow of Silence or Voluntary Sacrifice Vow of Suffering or Retribution Vow of Obedience or Humility Releasing Past Life Vows Faith & Religion Akashic Records – The Book of Life Ascension 1st Level of Ascension 2nd Level of Ascension 3rd Level of Ascension 4th Level of Ascension 5th Level of Ascension Ascending  

Chapter 22: Hello, is there anyone out there? The Elemental Kingdom Departed Loved Ones Spirit Guides Guardian Angels Angels The Archangels Archangel Ariel Archangel Azrael Archangel Chamuel Archangel Gabriel Archangel Haniel Archangel Jeremiel Archangel Jophiel Archangel Metatron Archangel Michael Archangel Raguel Archangel Raphael Archangel Raziel Archangel Sandalphon Archangel Uriel Archangel Zadkiel Ascended Masters Gods, Goddesses & Deities The Light Council The Divine Plan through the Rays of Light   PART VII: WE ARE DIAMONDS IN THE SKY

Chapter 23: To Infinity & Beyond! The Principles of Life Quick Tips to Embrace Life!

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