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Hello Everyone,

With only 1 week to Christmas I thought I would let you know a little about what has been happening with the energy shift of late.

November 2013 was all about empathy and understanding of not just the people around us and their emotions, but our very own emotions. It was about enlightenment and looking at the simplicity of life which left us choosing not to over analyse everything in our life but to simply find the beauty within.

The first week of December was all about cleansing and clearing away the dense energy to find harmony and to purify our way of life to find the freedom within our minds, hearts and souls . We witnessed some of this through the passing of a beautiful, kind, compassionate and devoted man… Mr Nelson Mandela. He fought for freedom and equality and showed us with his almighty power to find forgiveness within his heart and work towards a future for mankind…. To me he is one of the most honourable people to walk this earth and is now someone who guides us from above…. I think we all learned something from this great man.

On the 10th December another massive energy shift moved in with hope and strength being a key factor. We were to embrace this shift and I asked many of you….. ‘What’s Your Dream?” This was a time to write down what we wanted to manifest to open our hearts to and we were to write down our plan for the future through mind mapping and using our wisdom of our life experiences to guide us.

But now the message for us now is to make a pilgrimage to start our journey of our hopes and dreams, to cleanse away what is no longer needed, to find the courage and strength to move forward with our lives it is time to embrace our enchanted and beautiful lives by remembering the magic within our heart and soul, to magnetise all the divine light, wisdom and love and share it with others. It is about what our future holds (see below … extract from my new book). So why not light a candle now and just for a few moments… make your dreams come true and light a candle to signify your start of a new life…

So this Christmas lets us all let go of any negativities and for one moment think not about the money or family feud but embrace the joy that Christmas brings, allow the love of your family and friends to shine and let yourself be open to gratitude of the little things in life but most of all have some fun do something different, make a difference by choosing to be happy. After all that’s what we all want! Try sending a rainbow from your heart to everyone else in the world and then see that love come back to you! try this now and feel the love!

One of my favourite quotes…….Be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle – Plato-



Extract from my new book….

The Universal Book of Life – Encyclopedia of Spirituality & Beyond (covering over 200 topics) RRP $32.99 available from www.purereflections.com.au


What does the Future Hold?

Many people come to me looking for answers of what the future holds for them. I could tell everyone that everything will be perfect and you shall live happily ever after, and yes, this can happen with life there is no quick fix. I wish it was as simple as waving a magic wand and presto, life is perfect but life is about balance. No one, including me, can fix anyone’s life, only you can fix your own but it takes courage to work through our challenges, taking personal responsibility for our emotional, physical and financial baggage and making the right choices. I believe everything is a lesson from which we must learn to evolve as a soul. Unfortunately, some have more difficult issues than others but the biggest lesson of all is how we handle situations and what steps we take next.

 Everyone has experienced traumatic events in their lives and these are always to be shared with others. It is important, that when people have sickness or tragedy within their family they understand the ripple effect around them as they try to stay strong. Sometimes we cannot understand why until many years later, when we look back and see the purpose and the results for future generations. Every person in this world deals differently with the influences and the emotions of others. With so many energies around us, there are about one hundred different paths we can take. Some may be rough and there may be detours but it is how we proceed on our journey to our destination that is the key. There are no wrong or right turns, just a journey that is changed by the people we meet along the way, the energy around us and our emotions, thoughts, words and actions. So, even though many some experiences are hard they are part of our journey.

 Now, I would like you to think about the lessons we can choose to change every day. It may seem difficult but we can master it. Most people’s lives revolve around lack of money and the power it has over us. But, I ask you these questions:-

 What is your quality of life?

Does having money, all of these possessions and the debt that goes with it make you happy?

Do you work really long hours?

Do you have time for family and friends?

Are you making a difference in the world?

What happens if sickness strikes you down?

What happens if you come home and your loved one is no longer waiting there for you?

What if you lose one of your family members tragically?

If this happens, what is the quality of life now?

What’s your quality of life?

 If money is the issue, try to live within your means and be happy with what you need and not what you think you want. Don’t try to keep up with the Jones’s because, quite frankly, they aren’t paying your bills! If you are passionate about your work then make sure you have balance and time out with family and friends. Don’t close your family and friends off, let them know how you are feeling. If you feel unhealthy, kick start your body, change the way you look at food, exercise and make a commitment to just do it, because your physical body is the most important part of you. If emotional problems are holding you back, find the root cause and work out what you need to work on or let go of. If you are unhappy in your job, ask yourself who and what you want to be. If you are still unsure how to change, start with mind mapping and create a clear picture of the issues you need to work on.

 Like I said, it won’t happen overnight but if you do your best and take one step at a time the baggage and blockages will lift and everything will seem easier. You will feel stronger and before you know it, that perfect life you are looking for could be right there. So, strive for pure happiness and settle for nothing less! This perfect life is not just for us but for our children and their future. So, what exactly do you want to teach them? Do you want them to learn to use anger, blame, depression and escapism or that there is no quality of life, because everything revolves around work and money? What are you teaching them about the value of family? To send the right message, we must show them how to take pride in their lives and to be thankful, not to waste life but use it to the best of their ability.

 Show them how to stand strong by accepting responsibility for their actions and how to break the negative cycles that have held you back, by teaching them how you have changed the way you live. Encourage them to be a lover, not a fighter. Teach them to respect their body and treat it with care, to listen and open their heart to others, bringing kindness to all beings. Give them the knowledge to let go of control and anything else that no longer serves their purpose. It is in our human nature to be the best we can, so let us lead by example and change our ways, so that they then have the tools to teach their children.

 We must open our heart fully to life to truly balance our mind, body and soul and to create a bright future full of possibilities for generations to come. So, what is your quality of life? What do you want to teach your children? Every day is a new day, a new beginning, a new start to life….Live it!

 KISS – Keep it Simple Sweetheart (Simplify your daily life!)

  • Less social media and internet: Take any unnecessary apps of your smart phone and replace with new music and inspirational apps, including meditation and affirmations.
  • Less drama: Try turning off the television for one night a week. Read a good book, play a game or go out for dinner or evening walk with friends.
  • More casual outings: Catch up with family and friends but remember no phones and total commitment to the people you are with.
  • More exercise: Try 30 minutes a day.
  • More music: Chill out to your favourite tunes and sing like no one is listening.
  • More meditation: Some alone time meditating will do wonders for your mind, body and soul.
  • More family time: Make a commitment to your family and organize more fun filled family time.
  • Sunday rest day: Have the day off and catch up on some R&R.
  • Get back to gardening: Get into nature and express your personality in your garden.
  • Go to bed at a reasonable hour: Sleep is an important function, so make a commitment to go to bed early.
  • Plan and save for a holiday: Start a piggy bank and start saving your money and set a date.
  • Do something nice for someone: Show random acts of kindness, it will make you feel fabulous!


Lastly I would like to extend to you my gratitude to all of you who have lovingly supported me over the years, you guys are my inspiration! So have a Merry Christmas and please feel free to share any of my thoughts and messages to as many as you wish…. the more people understand that there is a lot more to life outside the box the more people will find peace within!




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