What’s happening in 2014?

What a year 2013 it was! 2013 was filled full of Karmic Debt as each one of us worked through our challenges. Some people felt they had as such ‘Run over a Chinaman’ (as the saying goes). Still a little more of this has run over into the early part of 2014. However this year ..(the year of the horse) is all about taking action. Many of us want so much out of life, nice clothes, nice house, nice holidays, the perfect body, the perfect partner, the perfect life. Well I would love to say I’ll just wave my magic wand … but it doesn’t work like that!

No one can fix you, only yourself! and no you can’t fix anyone else either! so 2014 is all about action so if we want something or dream of having something we have to work towards our goals and rise above our own adversities and come together with friends, family and our community to support one another. So don’t sit back and become the victim but rise above, simply our lives, help others, show respect and lets fly together in 2014 towards a happier life, ITS OUR TIME TO SHINE!

This is exactly why I wrote my new book, The Universal Book of Life to allow people to look at over 200 areas of their life to understand where we have come from, the influences in our life and our ability to create the future we want. So what are you waiting for? Lets live it up in 2014!!!

MY MOTTO… To Action with Honour!

Never underestimate the power & integrity of the soul

After all you don’t choose a life … you live one!



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