UBOL CoverJPEG My new book, The Universal Book of Life – Encyclopedia of Spirituality & Beyond has been met with such beautiful comments and responses from people here and overseas. I am extremely proud of this book and feel proud of the content that my guys upstairs have helped me to bring to life through this book. It has even been referred to being a ‘Medicine Cabinet Book’ and a ‘Bible for people about Life & Beyond’. These humbling people who have read this have done amazing things such as signing their name inside the cover of the book and reading it and sending it on a journey to ‘Paying it Forward’. Again to me I know that the message of the book has hit home for many. As I say, ‘I know I wrote it, but even to this day it astounds me how much content there is in a book of only 276 pages!  Anyway today I would like to start this tradition of randomly picking three people to start a ‘Pay it Forward’ with this book. So if you would like to read this book please email me – purereflections@bigpond.com.au and I will pick 3 people to start forward this book onto as many people as possible. So if you are one these people to receive the book please write your name inside the front cover and start the process to see how many names we can put in this book. Let’s ‘Share the Love’ as I say.

Now below I have a few snippets out of the book as promised to allow you to embrace life  …

So … Enjoy!


I leave you with this quote:-

light hands“Strive to look in the mirror and see a Pure Reflection,

the true essence of who are

and don’t settle for anything less!”


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