BRISBANE – THORNLANDS **4 DAY SALE *** Oracle Card Workshop was $167 ** NOW $120 – 5th April Life Wisdom 101 Seminar $33 or 2 x $45 – 5th April Learn How to Meditate Was $167 ** NOW $99 – 6th April WHY??? Because I received a message from Spirit that there is a lot of depression and people being held captive by their emotions at the moment and that these workshops need to be accessible for people.. so that is why I am doing a 4 day sale to help people find direction, clarity and joy by empowering them to embrace life and to make a difference in other peoples live’s. All the details are below and on my website

So let’s make a difference! @ The Miracle Studio – 13 Woodlands Drive, THORNLANDS! Sale ends Monday Night 8pm **PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE**


Saturday 5th April 10am-4pm WAS$167  **NOW $120 (includes a deck of angel oracle cards!)


Have you always wanted to be able to read Oracle Cards and receive divine guidance from the other side. Learn techniques only taught by Julie McKenzie get receive divine accurate guidance. A day filled with Laughter, amazement, loving insight, and connecting with your angels and loved ones from the other side.

Learn how to receive divine guidance on: *Life *Love *Money *Life Purpose *Family Members & Friends *Career *And to receive a message from a loved one on the other side & so much more!

***** An Evening with Julie McKenzie Acclaimed Psychic * Medium * Author

with her insightful Life Wisdom 101 Seminar 6pm – 8pm $33 OR 2 for $45


Join Julie as she takes you on an insightful journey to understand life wisdom through the ages from PAST & PRESENT to the FUTURE & BEYOND! Julie will explain the connection of life through the MIND, BODY & SOUL to understand our innate connection, our mission to fulfil our soul destiny to understand the meaning of life. When we discover this we find faith, hope, love, humility, gratitude and trust and see the true light of our spiritual soul.

Don’t underestimate the power and integrity of your soul Because you don’t choose a life – you live one!


The Universal Book of Life is an Encyclopedia of Spirituality & Beyond, a profound revolutionary book featuring over 200 topics. It takes you directly to the heart of life’s issues and explains the spiritual connection to your life. This easy to use reference guide gives you life wisdom and knowledge that empowers you to find future happiness.

To Infinity & Beyond! …. So what’s the first page of your story?



Sunday 6th April 10am-4pm WAS $167  ** NOW $99


In this relaxing day you will learn many techniques of meditation and will learn how to quickly calm the mind and detach from everyday thoughts and worries of life. Meditation is ideal for stress and anxiety and allows the mind, body & soul to take you out of the stress zone and allows your body to restore the body to balance. Through self-healing meditation you can bring clarity and understanding of the whole body to harmonize all aspects of our daily lives through ourselves, family, community to our work and life choices.  So take charge of your life today!

Meditation helps you to: *improve health & sleep *reduces stress and anxiety *enhances performance and creativity *deeper concentration and clarity of the mind



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