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May Insights!

The start of this month was all about retreating which left us feeling overwhelmed with tiredness and sickness and even left some of us feeling that a beautiful life was simply just an illusion. However it was all about giving and receiving being able to open up to ourselves honestly and to seek the truth within. When we do this we find balance through love for ourselves and others. It is time to embrace, heal and courage our strength so we can move on TRUST!

Reclaim Your Power

It is important to renew your energy and reclaim your power. Unfortunately, many of us give our energy and our power away too easily to people, places and drama filled situations. Energy is vital yet very few take the time to show themselves a little love by indulging in a therapeutic massage once a month. So, how can we teach our children to love themselves when many of us can’t even do this for ourselves? When we look into the mirror we only see half of who we really are, with the other half being our spirit which is hidden inside and often ignored. When we acknowledge both, we embrace the whole body allowing us to grow strong when we have the ability to believe in ourselves fully. For example, a single brick may be nothing extraordinary, but when combined with other bricks it can be created into the most beautiful masterpiece of art with the most spectacular architecture like cathedrals, buildings, bridges and landmarks like the Pyramids of Giza that have stood the test of time.

Even an ordinary brick strives to be more than just a brick and we as ordinary people strive to be more than just ordinary.

So where do you want to imprint your footsteps in the sands of time? Looking at the mind, body, and spirit allows you to look at your life as a whole and helps you to have the courage to change, reach for the stars but most importantly, to open your mind and heart to love yourself and to love others respectfully. Most importantly, stand tall and reclaim our power!

JULIE IS ALSO AVAILABLE FOR READINGS privately or via phone or Skype!




Life Wisdom 101 – ONLINE WORKSHOPS

These workshops will give you knowledge on all aspects of spirituality & beyond to understand, not just about where you have been and where you are now, but where you are heading in the future. The Life Wisdom 101 Workshops will take you right to the heart of spirituality and life and will inspire you and expand your awareness on your own journey of life. Once you have gained the knowledge and wisdom you will soon see that You Don’t Choose a Life – You Live One!

As you start the first page in your own book of life, you will learn about your life and discover your Divine true essence empowering you to master yourself to be the best person you can be. Knowledge is power, and when you have the power, who knows where you can go from here. So, it’s time to take your power back!

I have personally designed these online workshops to allow you to understand life through the wisdom of Spirituality & Beyond. By understanding Life Wisdom and incorporating it into our daily lives we find an appreciation for life, ourselves and the people around us.

Through each of these Life Wisdom 101 workshops we will provide you with:- • Personalised video tutorial
• E- Booklet / PDF – Filled with written content, personal tips and techniques

Julie will explain through a video tutorial the deep connection of life through past, present, future, mind, body & soul. These self-paced online workshops allow you the creativity to watch or listen and absorb the information from the comfort of your home, office or even in the car at your own leisure.

When you purchase a workshop you will also receive easy reading PDF file that you will be able to download and keep as a reference guide to what you have learned with the workshops. This E-Booklet also contains tips and techniques to understanding life. I will be putting up NEW WORKSHOPS regularly with new insights into life, so make sure you register your email to get up to date info of when these workshops are being released. I am so proud to present these workshops to you and hope that you too enjoy the wisdom of life! Once you gain the power of knowledge and wisdom you soon see that, You don’t choose a Life … You live one!

Julie McKenzie
-The Natural Medium




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Dancing with Spirit
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