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August Newsletter

Wow what a big July! For me, I headed to Ukraine (and still here!) as I was invited to partake in The International Psychic Challenge,“Battle of the Psychics” which could last anywhere up to 6 months. I feel proud to represent Australia and can’t wait for the next chapter in my Book of Life! Being here however in this particular timing I have seen the devastation of war and effects on the people around me and one thing is for sure….. Australia we really are the lucky country! The people here in Ukraine are such hard workers and some of the kindest people I have met. The one thing I notice in Ukraine is that they are either having lots of money or no money at all. There are not really any middle class people here. The one thing I know is that they don’t war and I would say the real people of Russia don’t even want it!

The wars that are going on in many countries at the moment has raised many issues emotionally, politically, financially and of course it is bringing out our need and want for a better humanity for all. Many people have been affected and now where do we stand now? What is the Message for us all? Where do we go from here personally and globally? Well below is what I received from my guys upstairs(my guides & guardians) on what we should focus on. Here is their message for us all ………..

“Now that you have seen and felt the effects of war, it is time to open your eyes and see clearly. These are challenging times yet we must look at how you can open a new road in your path one that will enlighten your soul. It is here where the healing will truly begin. This is also relevant with your daily life. It’s time to lay down your own weapons of guilt, hatred, anger and violence against others and particularly against yourselves. This addictive poison is dragging everyone down and the sadness that comes from this act creates real wounds that can isolate and destroy many. We ask you to survive and strive for a better future for all. It’s not about just being happy it’s about respect and the love of humanity that will open doors for many. Those who practice a life of honesty and integrity through love will become the guiding lights on this. All you need is to believe and you will succeed. It’s not about winning or losing but coming together. So embrace the light of love as you shine the true essence that is YOU! “

Well I think they hit the nail on the head! It’s not about self-hatred, blaming or hurting others, It’s about coming together!!!!


This prediction I have written was given to me nearly ten years ago from my Guides & Guardians.

-I believe this prediction is particularly about Ukrainian & Russian war

There will be 3 wars operational at the same time. One of these wars will be between North & South Russia (showed me a map with on its side with Russia being North & Ukraine as South). Thesecountries have lost the love in their relationship causing chaos and unrest. This war will be the one that brings war on a global scale for everyone to see. Many countries will step in but it is America that will try to control Russia’s actions. China steps in late and asks America to step back and step away from Russia as it is not their authority. Many threats and test missiles will be fired and talk will circulate of more war. However at the last minute (after all the threats have been placed) peace talks with Russia calms everyone down and a war will cease to ignite and everyone will go back to their corners and healing begins.

At this time however I see a black spider (an evil person) that has been causing chaos by causing problems and talking in peoples ears. Yet these wars are merely distractions for this spider to creep into Italy to begin its disarray. Italy will be hit with devastation and through natural disasters and other acts flattening the Seven Hills of Rome.

(However after this Russia, China & USA will embark on a space mission together for mankind.)

** I also find this a bit mind blowing for me that this prediction was given to me all those years ago, for me to be living in Ukraine right now when all of this conflict between Russia & Ukraine

As I always say that life is bigger than you and me and that in many ways our path has been set, we just have to walk it with dignity!

PS – some songs I have listened to today and recommend for you to listen too for inspiration

“One” – U2

“One Day” – Bob Marley

“Love Generation” – Bob Sinclair

“Love thy will be done” – Martika

“Imagine” – John Lennon


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