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September Newsletter

Well I’m still in Ukraine representing Australia in The Psychic Challenge, (BitvaExtrasensov) and love being here connecting with so many different people. I am taking my time in between filming to also work on my new novel (sorry that’s all I can say about it for now … as it will take a while to write so I’m not sure when it will be released) I also want to thank the hundreds of people who sent me well wishes for my safety during the unrest in Ukraine. I have been very wary of what has been happening over here and I am keeping safe, I promise.But today I want to talk you about what September holds for as we have battled through August with much unrest in the world. Since then I have received numerous emails asking me to clarify a little further about this situation etc. So here it is….

Last month I talked about the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. In my last newsletter I mentioned the prediction that was given to me by spirit nearly ten years ago. They told me that after all the threats were made a deal would be reached and just at the last second before war would be declared everyone would pull back and peace would be made and this is exactly what is happening now….. Russia made the threat by entering Ukraine. Now Ukraine has hit back with a threat against Russia telling them they have a week to pull back before the point of no return and advising them more sanctions will be put on Russia. So now this is what’s to come… America and other countries will step in and enforce sanctions but it will be China that will step in and tell everyone to back off as America and the other countries do not have the right to tell Russia what to do. So what saves the day?you ask as this situation sits on the brink of war… Well there is some kind of space mission that everyone wants to be a part of. It is so big no one knows anything about it at this stage and this is the bargaining chip that is used to stop the oncoming war. China will in turn side with America and the rest of the world against the conflict in Ukraine. In the end America, China and Russia engage in this space mission. So what we are going through now is a step closer to resolution and peace for the country of Ukraine.

So now I have gone further into detail about the situation I want to concentrate on the message from Spirit. September is all about releasing our addictions in life. This can be a habit or even a person that we can’t let go of as we move into the new energy that awaits us. It is always about letting go but today it’s about letting go of the addiction of conflict in our lives. We only have to watch social media to see this. If you find that you have people that hold a negative influence over you it’s time to let them go and time to concentrate on your purpose in life. Because while they are taking up the drama in your life you are slipping further away from the person you are destined to be. You are extra sensitive at the moment and you must use this as motivation to push through to the light that is your true essence. (If you don’t know what your life’s purpose I have attached a little info from my book, The Universal Book of Life about life purpose to help you start thinking about what your life’s purpose may be). When we release the drama and conflict of our lives we are able to break free and move on. Like I said this can be a person, relationship or even a physical addiction such as a type food, alcohol or even drugs. Through breaking this bond we can grow strong choose the right path for our heart and soul. There will be good times ahead as we start to reap what we sow. So how do we do this? Well it’s by letting go of temptation that drags us down and we can do this through the helping of our friends and family. So today I would like you to think about your close circle of friends and family and concentrate on strengthen that circle. It is a good idea to draw your circle of people on a piece of paper and even put them on your fridge to remind you what is important in life. I want you to think about each one the people in your support circle and make time to shout out to these people and let them know you care. Talk to them but also listen to them because there is a good chance you are part of their circle too. For all those people who are not part of your circle please be kind and respectful toward them as they are on their own path of learning and healing. Don’t let them bring you down with their drama yet smile nod your head and move on. You see we are all part of a circle that intertwines with another’s circle so respect, dignity and integrity will take you a long ways. So to be triumphant we must shake it off, hold our head high and walk with pride as you start a fresh new beginning.

I leave you with this one of my favourite quotes….. Be Kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle… -Plato –

My Love ….. Jules

Julie McKenzie – The Natural Medium


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What’s My Life Purpose?

Many people want to know what their real purpose in life is and most believe it is solely to do with their career, but is not. Life purpose is much more than a career.It’s a passion that lies within and gives purpose and meaning to your life. It is not your daily responsibilities or even your goals,it is what gives you and others around you pleasure and makes your heart sing. It is the very reason you exist.To find your life purpose you must explore and look deep inside yourself to find the true answer. To do this find a quiet place and with pen and paper, sit down and ask the following questions without any restrictions whatsoever.

What makes you smile?

What makes you feel happy?

What is your favourite pastime?

What makes you feel wonderful?

What has stopped you from doing what you love in the past?

Who inspires you?

What do people ask you to help them with?

What are you naturally good at?

What is the most important thing in your life?

What difficulties have you overcome?

What causes are you passionate about?

Once you have answers to these questions, continue writing anything else that comes into your mind until you find the theme or commonality within your writings. Sometimes when doing this, it can unlock hidden emotions but if you can feel your emotions flowing or get a tear in your eye, this is usually a good indicator that you have found your life purpose. Trust your instinct when answering these questions. You may already be following your life purpose but you may have a hard time doing it as you tire and feel run down. Remember, everything is about balance. No one said living your life purpose would be easy and it is definitely not always rainbows and butterflies, but the reward is worth it. I love the saying,‘What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger,’ and sometimes we have to be strong for the ones who can’t be.

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