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Hello and a big Happy New Year from me!

Just thought I would let you all know about what is happening with the energy now & for the rest of the year….

Well 2016 started off with a bang with it all being about AWARENESS. January kicked off with much strange weather all over the world which ushered in the new energy shifts. We all started to settle into the New Year in January with high hopes for our future endeavours. Then February rolled in with a big punch of energy knocking us off our feet. The energy in February is all about not giving up, having faith in what you have worked so hard towards and riding out the energy wave. This month has hit us all hard physically, financially and emotionally leaving many people feeling stressed out and not knowing what way to turn!

We are all a little bit fragile at this time, so if you need to rest … well rest and heal over this weekend. However it is also important to get into action this weekend and cleanse and clear as much as you can as February is all about releasing anything that no longer serves our purpose. So cleanse out your homes, release any old issues and lets get moving as this weekends full moon (AUST EST 23 February @ 4.20am) is a great time to release. Lets get the preparation energy underway as we find our balance and step towards our goals with enthusiasm. So whats in store for March & beyond?

Well like I said 2016 is about AWARENESS and with February lesson about Releasing and taking responsibility of our own lives. (No one can fix you … only you can fix yourself). If you can take responsibility for your daily decisions you will make easier for you to see your path more clearly. Once we embrace this months energy it opens us up for March which is all about INTIMACY which discovering ourselves and showing love for all.


I hope this insight helps you to navigate your months to come! So feel free to print this out and pop it on your fridge and share it with friends knowledge and awareness is the key to 2016!


Also check out my first show for the year @ THE BLUE FIN FISHING CLUB INALA … BRISBANE! I’d love to see you there.





2016 The Year of AWARENESS!

January – RELEASING (letting go of anything you cannot control and looking after the physical body)

February – RELEASING & RESPONSIBILITY (still releasing and cleansing out what no longer serves your purpose. It is also important to take responsibility for what happens in your life as we prepare for the coming months)

March – INTIMACY (get in love with life, celebrate the people around you and most of all spoil yourself)

April – SURRENDER (time to let go of the situations that are still hanging on to. The time is now let it all go surrender and peace out)

May – GUIDANCE (seek guidance and learn to listen to those around. I can guarantee when you listen you learn)

June – DREAM (Ok this is it… It time to really open your soul to the horizon and dream. Write down any and all things you want to accomplish and get cracking!)

July – PURPOSE (June allowed you to dream … so this month you will find purpose and peace within your heart… Its time to chill .. just be in the moment)

August – STRENGTH (This month you will need all your strength to validate your position. So don’t drop the ball, don’t get negative… GET STRONG!)

September – ADVERSITY ( a time to show you can handle anything as you transform your attitude into gratitude.)

October – TENDERNESS ( I love this month as tenderness is the key so laugh, enjoy life as you have a sense of fulfillments. Also take a time to look over the past year to see how far you have come.)
November – PURIFICATION ( purification brings peace so time to cleanse and clear the body, home and life as you find the serenity in yourself.)


December – GRACE (You only find Grace when you have the courage to live in the Now. So live for today as you have faith in your future.


Remember 2016 is all about AWARENESS … so when you Trust ….you let your vulnerability go … that when the magic begins!



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