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Hi Everyone,

Can you believe we are nearly half the way through 2016? Time has flown by so quickly and this is why I wanted to reach out to let you know what lay ahead for May and June.

Well the energy has been pretty heavy since Easter Monday with many people experiencing tough times and finding it increasingly hard to move forward. We have had to stand up for our truth and stand our ground with relationship and work issues. We have experienced simple situations that turned negative really quickly making us question every thing in life. In turn our bodies are having to adjust to this energy leaving us feeling tired and lost.

This is a spiritual truth we must take notice of and is exactly what MAY is all about – GUIDANCE. This month we need to be still and just listen. Listen to guidance from the people around us. Listen to our own inner guidance so we may shine light on what we must do to make a change. Take time to meditate, talk to friends and really sit down and have a real good look at your life and identify what the blockages are in your life. Remember this year is all about AWARENESS.

Its time to bring out our Warrior energy and get in touch with our truth and integrity to clear the way for the new energy in June!

You will be happy to hear that June it is all about DREAMING BIG as it will be a VICTORIOUS month. Yay!!!! Its time to make some noise as this is the energy we have all been waiting for. This is the perfect month to enjoy all our accomplishments and to look back and see how far we have come. Step forward into the light as you empower yourself and others to Shine. Find your freedom.

Also I would like to say a big thank you to all who came to see me @ The Miracle Studio on Mothers Day for a beautiful afternoon of messages and mediumship with many special connections. Thank you also to all the people I have connected with over the years allowing me to share your memories through spirit as you opened your hearts and souls. I truly feel honoured.

Please feel free to share these insights to anyone you think will benefit. Make sure you are signed up to the website to get future insights.

My love to you all!



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