• Julie’s Past Predictions had come true and now she shares more insights to what the future holds!

Julie does readings all over the world and is available for Private Appointments via Skype, Telephone and Face to Face to find out more click on the link below. Appointments can be made for Private Readings with Julie McKenzie. Julie also has online workshops available and other products such as all her books and cards which are all able to be purchased from the website Visit www.juliemckenzie.com

Titles by Julie McKenzie:

  • The Universal Prophecy Cards have been very popular all over the world. As they give insights into the secrets of your past, present and future. These Prophecy Cards help you to find life direction and clarity in any situation. These easy-to-use-cards will give you divine guidance about love life, family, finances and career through loving messages and guidance. These cards impart a loving, powerful energy that enables you to become the seer and to help you live an abundant life.
  • The Universal Book of Life – Encyclopedia of Spirituality & Beyond (non-fiction)
  • Dancing with Spirit – Love you soul, find your freedom (non-fiction)
  • Gemma & the Fairies (Children’s Book)


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