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I’m Julie McKenzie & I’m a Psychic, Medium, Writer & Spiritual Life Styler & I want to help you to, therefore Empower You to Live Your Best Life! This is why I love to share my Weekly Psychic Card Readings on my YouTube Channel to keep you up to date with all the coming week’s energy!

Wisdom is Understanding, Intelligence, Knowledge & the Acceptance of Life Experiences. In other words, it is my Passion, my Purpose to help others to find their Wisdom so they can Live an Abundant Authentic Life!

Above all my this is a way to connect with you all to help you understand the wisdom of Life & Beyond.  In addition, We are here to Spiritually Evolve to become the very Best Version of ourselves. When we find this inner wisdom, we create positive ripple effects that can change lives.

So, let’s embrace this journey of Self-Mastery of Life & Beyond!

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