Julie McKenzie – Well, what can I say… I first met Julie at one of her Medium Shows.  I’d heard about her thru my Mother-in-law and was very interested in attending her show.  I was heavily pregnant with my second child and I was worried that I wasn’t going to make the show.  Julie was absolutely amazing – I’d been to clairvoyants before, but never to a medium show.  This lady was on fire – she seemed to know everything about everyone.  I was totally blown away.  Julie got message after message from loved ones who’d passed.  There was laughter, tears and smiles all around the room.  At the end of the show Julie asked if anyone who hadn’t got a message and wanted one to put their hand up and simply state who they were wanting to hear from.  My friend quickly nudged me and made me put my hand up.  Hesitantly I did.  I asked about my dear father (who I only gave his first name) who had passed when I was very young and Julie could tell me in detail so many things about him – even down to his favourite foods.  Now I’d mentioned that I’d been to clairvoyants before, but I always took it as a bit of fun and none of them ever gave me anything really detailed or mind blowing.  I just couldn’t believe that Julie knew all of this and had never met me before.  Seeing Julie’s show really made me feel so uplifted and happy.  I had my Son the very next day!

A few months later I had a personal reading from Julie.  She could tell me things about myself, my family and most of all more about my dad.  Over the years I’ve had a few personal readings and have attended more of her shows – all equally as fabulous!  Julie is such a special person with an amazing gift
from God.  As well as being wonderful at what she does, Julie has such a kind and caring heart.  I felt like I’d know her for a lifetime after our first conversation.  I feel honoured to give this testimonial about Julie and can only say that if you’re trying to reach out to a lost loved one, or even just want some help with direction in your life – this amazing lady is the only one to see!

Jules is a friendly & understanding person with a bright spirit who has been of great support to myself,my family & friends. Her psychic abilities and understanding of the spiritual world will astound eventhe toughest of cookies. Having my first reading with Julie was a highlight of my life.  We are proud and
fortunate to have her in our community of Goondiwindi & I would recommend her  to anyone without hesitation.

Tradegy has a way of striking when we least expect it and in forms that leave us dazed and confused.
When tragedy struck my family a complete stranger offered a clairvoyants number to help us. This was the beginning of an amazing journey with Julie McKenzie.
Julies intuition and the information she has provided us has been vital. Julie has the most rare and unique gifts she has changed how we view our lives and others.Her generosity and honest loving nature has provided us with so much support we will forever be indebted for her insight. The gratitude we feel is undescribable. Julie you were a guiding light for me and my family in one of our darkest hours. You are an angel. I would highly recommend anyone to read Julies book Dancing With Spirit as at gave me the knowledge to not fear what I dont know and the power of living with Spirit. There is comfort in the knowledge that our loved ones that have left us are safe, well and are guiding us, you Julie are a vessel of knowledge and provided us with this peace.

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for your workshop I attended. I learned more in those 6 hours than I ever have, including the 9 week course I did. LOL. I was absoloutely AMAZED that I got so much info in / from the practice readerings, as I was beginning to doubt mayself and my abilities to the point of just quitting my psychic development all together up until your workshop. So thank you for helping me to ignite my passion again. (Jodie – GLEN INNES)

My daughter and I both loved your show and thought you were awesome and I’d just like to say how grateful and appreciative we both were of your presence. I was also amazed at how accurate your descriptions were of the people who had crossed over and also of the descriptions were of each of my eight grandchildren. Thank you again for shedding so much light on quite a few things for all of us there that day. (Lorrayne – EMERALD)

Hope, perspective, confirmation, guidance, growth, understanding and opportunity. These are the things that became a dominant part of my lifestyle and thought processes after my first visit with Julie Mckenzie. It is not often that you come across such a talented, pure and down to earth human being who shows great compassion, understanding and pride in her work. I always recommend her to all of my friends and family even if they don’t have a particular reason or question for the visit. We all agree that she provides a once in a lifetime opportunity, which simply cannot be missed. (Jess – BRISBANE)

First of all I would like to say I really appreciate the posts and emails you send regarding the energy out there. When things get dull and draining it is nice to be reminded that there is a greater power out there that contributes to the way we feel and act. I would like to also thank you for opening me up to a new world in which I feel connected and empowered. You helped me see the light, and ever since that first consultation I had with you back in 2007 I have being dreaming big and achieving things I never thought imaginable. I have also recently discovered my little niche in the world thanks to you. Step by step hopefully I can make a difference. (Karla – BRISBANE)

I have known Julie for over 7 years now.  Julie’s dedication and passion to her work is inspirational, as she has helped so many people.  Her classes are very uplifting and they place you in a space of peace, so you can reflect on your life’s purposes and its journey. She also inspires you and shows you different ways of healing that you can do yourself and also guide you to what books are beneficial for you to read. Jules has taught me so much about life and gratitude and she is always full of encouragement and positive thinking. When I have been down and cannot focus, Jules is there with her wisdom and guidance and teaches you how to find that happy medium as well as finding yourself.

Julie had a Medium Show in Scone this year and it was very interesting and intriguing as to how spirit/love ones enter the room. I had a friend attend this show and to watch the clarity on my friends face was priceless when Julie gave her messages. My friend and I spoke after the show and the information that she received was so overwhelming, but had so much closure for her after all these years.  A couple of days after the show, I re read Julie’s book “Dancing with Spirit” and amazingly I read things that I missed before. (Jenny – SCONE)

A book was given to me by a friend to read called “Dancing with Spirit”by Julie McKenzie during my most difficult time in my life. My beautiful 19 year old daughter Jessica’s life was hanging in the balance between life and death and I was beside myself with grief. Jessica came down with the illness, Meningitis, suddenly and was critical within a few hours. An operation took place to save her life but this left her with no movement , unable to swallow, eat, talk or move anything except her eyes.

After reading the book I contacted Jules to arrange a meeting with her at a physic event on the Gold Coast. An appointment was made and Jules helped guide Jess, (spiritually) and guide me through the next painful 26 months of Jessica’s life until Jess let go and crossed over. Jules explained how Jess was feeling, described areas of pain for her and the difficult decision Jess faced in deciding on her journey of healing. My 2 other daughters found great release from having their own readings with Jules discussing their feelings with her about their sister. As a mother I was so grateful my daughters found help in talking to Jules.

I called Jules to tell her jess crossed over on the day I was preparing her farewell send off with family and friends. Jules told me Jess was happy to be free of her restricted body and and that Jess wanted a pink balloon to be placed in the purple balloon send off to the heavens. I was outside the shop getting the balloons when Jules said this and Jules did not know where i was or that i was planning to buy the balloons right then!

I took great comfort with the help and hope Jules offered to me and all 3 of my daughters during this time. Three months after Jess passed I had another reading, where by Jules told me more about myself and Jess and I was able to ask questions that helped release my guilt, although i still struggle with the guilt. I know Jess is now in a place where she is free to move and in no pain and that she has just gone to another dimension and I will see her again one day. (Karen – GOLD COAST)

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