Balancing our Emotions 101

Balancing our Emotions 101

Our emotions are the reflection of our feelings and when they see motions are out of balance they affect our mood and influence our personality as they can create physical and mental reactions. Our basic emotions are love, compassion, happiness, joy, excitement and sadness, anger, disgust and fear just to name a few. They arise when we evaluate a situation which stirs feelings, creating an emotion. When they take us by surprise it is very hard to hide and our reaction happens very quickly through physical and facial expression, the soundof our voice and muscles movement. When we mentally analyze this situation we realize it is either a positive or negative experience. Our emotions determine our outlook on life. When we are happy we feel we can take on the world and everything seems easier, brighter and clearer allowing us to look forward to our future. Whereas when are feeling sad we feel depleted, depressed and sorrowful, feeling the world is against us as we find it hard to cope each day. Emotion can also trigger other emotions creating a roller coaster effect as they implode on us quickly. Understanding this allows us to make better life choices creating balance. Our emotions can make us, break us or even create us.

Through this online workshop we will cover:

  • Love is…
  • Passion, Excitement, & Desire
  • Fear & Terror
  • Anger & Resentment
  • The Depths of Sadness & Depression
  • Passing Judgment
  • Greed, Revenge & Power
  • Forgiveness & Acceptance
  • Truth
  • Empathy
  • Freedom
  • Finding Balance through Creative Expression
  • Music & Dance
  • Books, Film & Television
  • Writing & Journal Work
  • Artistic Expression
  • Cherishing your Family & Alone Time

So enjoy this workshop where you will discover the depths of Balancing our Emotions.

+ Tips & Techniques

Get ready to be fascinated by how our emotions control the way we see, feel and experience life. Emotions are very important to understand and knowledge gives us the power to choose the path we wish to embrace.


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