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Dancing with Spirit is a thought-provoking autobiographical story propelling the reader through Julie McKenzie’s life as she deftly explains her journey from intuitive child to respected clairvoyant and healer.This absorbing work allows the reader a glimpse of what is on the, ‘other side’ and through Julie’s hand’s-on experience, answers ‘life’ questions regarding deceased loved ones, angels and spirit guides.

Dancing with Spirit reveals Julie’s personal physic observations and beliefs, recounts miraculous ‘healings’ and clarifies the messages Spirit has for us. Through this compelling book, Julie explains how we can access our sixth sense and open our third eye, enabling physical, emotional and spiritual healing.Dancing with Spirit inspires us to look deep within, enabling the reader to break free from the binding cycles of life by hearing, seeing and feeling our heart’s desires.

Awaken your soul to the possibilities of life, love your soul, find your freedom.

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