Dancing with Spirit

One of my earliest experiences with an angel was in 1980 when I was four years of age. Mum and I were driving to collect my sister, Karen from school. It was drizzling rain when a vehicle failed to give way and collided with our car. Mum hit the windscreen and sustained a large gash to her forehead, which bled profusely whilst she sat trapped in the car. Our little Mini Minor van had no seatbelts and I was thrown to the floor and was not moving. Mum, unable to reach me, thought I was dead. As a man picked me up, I started to cry. Both of my front teeth had been knocked out and I had swallowed one of them.

Mum cradled me in her arms like a baby. When the ambulance arrived, the attendants thought I had severe abdominal injuries, but the blood that soaked my clothes was from Mum’s open head wound.

We were taken to the accident and emergency area of the hospital, and I held Mum’s hand while we waited to be treated. I saw a beautiful male angel standing beside her. He was very tall, about seven feet high, and the most brilliant blue light surrounded him. I clearly recall saying, “Mummy, there is a really big angel standing next to you.” Dismissively she replied, “Is there darling? That’s wonderful. Everything will be okay.”

After assessing me and realising I only needed a few stitches in my chin that beautiful angel, who I later discovered was Archangel Michael, held my hand and took me closer to Mum. We watched the doctor and nurses insert more than forty stiches into her head. I was puzzled how I was able to see so well when I was so small. As I looked down, I realised my feet were not touching the ground, I was floating with Archangel Michael! I felt no fear, only his overwhelming love and his wonderful sense of calm. It was only then that I relaxed knowing that everything would be all right.

Although I was only four years old, those memories are still etched vividly in my mind. I can recall the peach coloured walls, the people there and where each of them were standing. Years later, I quizzed Mum about the angel that day. She said she could recall me mentioning an angel, but did not realise nor did she understand what I had seen.

As a child, I remember how free I was. I had no cares or worries, but as I grew older, my Spirit faded. Then I became just like everyone else, trapped, indecisive, confused and feeling I was not in control of my life. Those around me, including friends, workmates and acquaintances, intimidated me. It was as if I was there to please everyone else, at whatever the cost to myself.

In my office, I worked diligently so I could leave on time each day. Repeatedly another employee would ask me, “Jules, could you do this for me? I really don’t have the time and I can’t stay behind tonight.” As she predicted, I always answered, “No problem, I’d be happy to help.” In fact, I was extremely upset and I would think, “Poor me. As if I don’t have enough work of my own to complete. She is so selfish and arrogant.” I would feel so angry and would brood for most of the afternoon, but she continued to ask because she knew she could rely on me to complete the task thoroughly and on time.

Each time I was unable to say “No,” it was an emotional expense to me. I wanted everyone to like me and to say how nice I was. One day she came over, smiled sweetly and asked the same old question. I turned to face her, I was almost dripping sweat from the fear of rejection, but I calmly said, “I would really love to help you, but I’m very busy today.” Finally, I had done it. I had the courage to say, “No.” She simply replied, “Okay, I’ll just have to finish it myself.” It was then that I realised that this trauma I felt only concerned her for about ten percent of her day, whereas I was consumed by it for ninety percent of mine! This was an excellent lesson for me, as the consequences were nowhere near as unpleasant as I had imagined. That day, I found the courage to say enough is enough, and learned to say no with compassion.

Looking back now, I realise how long it took me to learn that I only needed to say no, with a caring attitude. After many challenges along the way, I finally believed that I had the power to be in control of my life. I had discovered the magic of knowing how to let go, break through and dance with Spirit.

Spirit has guided me to gain control of my life by teaching me that only I can simplify and resolve the problems that arise. As individuals, Spirit does not want us to believe we must endure pain and suffering to deserve a good life. It’s so much simpler than we can imagine.

I have written this book to assist you to find an easier path, to look deep within yourself, and to enable you to break free from the binding cycles of life by hearing, seeing and feeling the true desires of your heart and soul. Once you discover how to access your sixth sense, and open your third eye, you will heal physically, as well as emotionally and spiritually.

We must heal the whole body, because our emotional unease leads to physical problems. When we realise that we are never alone, and we are able to ask for and receive guidance and healing from Spirit any time we choose, then we can be truly free.

It’s a pleasure for me to share Spirit with you through this book, and help you to learn the techniques to become one with your inner self and Spirit. Only then will you have the freedom to break through and dance with Spirit.

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