Feeling good about your life and seeing yourself as being successful is a wonderful feeling, but making that transition from being your own worst critic to actually loving who you are inside and out is a battle within itself. It is a journey worth taking because as you become stronger, happier and healthier the reality of the battle of life fades. Living each moment of your new positive life shines brightly as you radiate love for yourself and for others. You carry yourself with pride showing the world your spirit, your true essence, just how strong and beautiful you are. To feel good is a longing to findourselves emotionally, physically and spiritually. This ultimate feeling to find true happiness opens many questions as we ask ourselves, “Who am I, what’s my purpose and how can I become the best version of me”?The following are some keys to life to help you shine within.

The Keys to Life – Love, Truth and Acceptance!

  • Never ever give up on life: Always strive to be the best you can be, because doing this is honouring your heart and soul.
  • Be aware of your weaknesses: This shows strength and character to understand every single person has weaknesses and that’s alright. They are not faults! Embrace them!
  • Don’t stop learning: Opening your mind and challenging yourself will make you feel alive and help you to master yourself and gain wisdom.

Nurture yourself: Be kind to yourself and others as you live, learn and grow.

  • Don’t live in the past, but learn from it: You can’t change the past but by embracing its lesson you can move forward freely.
  • Don’t lie to yourself: When you cheat life you are cheating yourself and everyone else, so don’t intentionally hurt yourself just to look better.
  • Don’t waste time complaining about your life: You can’t change it. Focus on the things you can change.
  • Expect nothing but the best in your life: Don’t settle for anything less.
    You deserve the very best in life so believe in yourself stay strong and stand in your power.

When you feel good you radiate a pure light from within and your true essence begins to shine! To embrace these keys to life we need to understand the human energy system or, as I like to call it, the matrix. This links to our emotional, physical and spiritual connections. By comprehending and appreciating the chakra system and seeing its connection to the layers of the auric field gives us a matrix human energy system and beyond. Grasping how this is designed gives us knowledge and understanding of our personal life and how to replenish and regain our physical energy.

Through this online workshop we will cover:

  • Chakras
    • The Higher Chakras
    • The Higher Chakras
  • Auras
    •  Quick Guide to Aura Colour
  • Layers of the Auric Field
    • The 7 Inner Layers of the Auric Field
    • The 5 Outer Layers of the Auric Field
  • Chakra Meditation
    • Chakra Colour Chart for Meditation

+ Tips & Techniques

So enjoy this workshop where you will discover the circle of life and beyond.


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