Each day we are challenged living life by trying to balance our beliefs, moral standards, emotions as well as dealing with relationships, money, career, physical health and everyone else’s infliction and issues. Sometimes we smooth life over and lapse in more than one of these areas with our health usually being the first to suffer. We stretch our boundaries and sometimes we lose our way. With so much to deal with emotionally, physically and financially and with little time, we forget to take stock of our lives and how we really feel. It’s no wonder we want to make the great escape from reality to a life where we convince ourselves that we are happy, but are we truly being honest, or is it just easier? So many people do not even take time to think or ask themselves,what is my purpose in life, and how do I want to be remembered? Many don’t even think six months ahead or where their path is leading them, let alone further into the future.

Now a day, people fight to survive in the world of money as they are constantly judged by others. Eventually, they feel that only the strong survive and with a cruel twist of survival instinct, some inflict judgment on others creating a vicious pattern of behavior which is hard to break. With the instant connection to the internet and social media it is no wonder some lose their way, their beliefs and think that human suffering is normal. People give up and make excuses for their lives through their thoughts, words and actions. Soon enough, they are playing the victim role and they don’t take responsibility for anything in their life as it spirals out of control. When this happens there is an abundance of guilt and blame to go around for everyone. Once this merry-go-round starts, it is very simple for people to believe that everything revolves around them and they lose the ability to see others points of view. This is when they slip deeper into anger and deceit blinds their belief of the truth. However, soon life becomes bland and robotic as everyone is playing the same game.

When they hit rock bottom they open their eyes and wonder how they fell so low and what went wrong. Respect is lost and broken, not with the person but for all those surrounding them and the road to recovery is even longer. But, nothing lasts forever and if you are willing to be strong, truthful, take responsibility for your life, you can climb out of the shadows of disappointment, guilt and shame and embrace your eternal right to love yourself and the people around you, allowing you to breathe the light of life. You see, life is about choices and the path we choose to follow is the most important decision of all. It may sound easy to just take what life offers you but just for a moment, think about a life that you can choose to live, one where you do have choices. A choice to change what we perceive to be normal, a choice not to suffer, and the choice of the path you want to walk, the choice of life. To make our choices work, we first need to identify and understand the easy trappings of life that throw us into a spiral of drama and despair, leaving us wanting to give up and let go.

Through this online workshop we will cover:

  • Money & Abundance
  • Warriors vs Victims
  • R.E.S.P.E.C.T
  • The Rules of Society
  • Home is Where the heart Is
  • Looking to the Future
  • Spiritual Evolution
  • Lessons in Life
  • Emotional, Physical & Financial Baggage
  • Breaking the Cycle
  • What does the Future Hold?
  • Random Acts of Kindness
    • -Quick Guide to Random Acts of Kindness
    • -Quick Guide to Random Acts of Kindness for Kids

+ Tips & Techniques

Start by making a difference to your life today and watch the ripple effect grow! The essence of life is to embrace it, live it and enjoy all that it has to offer, make wise choices, and respecting one another to find unity. By sharing our wisdom, strength and love of life, we can grow, learn and together, shine like diamonds in the sky.

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