Energy is everywhere! We have energy throughout the home in our electrical appliances including computers, telephones, internet, kitchen appliances, televisions, lighting and air-conditioning just to name a few. There is also natural energy in the form of food, water, nature, animals, crystals and minerals. Weather is also energy through wind, rain, lightning, thunder, storms, cyclones, tornadoes and even drought. It also comes from the sun, stars and moon. We humans have our own energy system in the form of an aura. It is a natural protection barrier, giving us a sense of our surroundings. We have energy that runs through our body allowing us to function. We receive energy from what we eat, drink and when we sleep. So, if we don’t look after our energy, other forms of harmful energy can attach onto the body forming sickness and illness. We also inflict negative energy into our bodies with alcohol, drugs and other unhealthy choices. When our energy is low we feel run down, lethargic, sick and depressed. When our energy is high we are happy and vibrant with lots of energy to burn. Our energy is easily influenced by those around us, the emotions we feel and how we live our life.

Have you ever gone into a shopping centre full of energy and ready to shop only to find that by the time you leave you feel tired, fatigued and lethargic? Think about the energy running through a shopping centre, not just the electrical energy powering the building, but the energy from other people’s emotional and physical energy. All these people are going through a range of emotions from anger, happiness, sadness, calm, depressed, excited, tired, stressed and every other emotion you can think of. This energy surrounds as we go about our shopping. So, it is no wonder our levels fluctuate. We neglect to protect ourselves against these powerful energies and we don’t understand how to replenish our energy system. Energy protection is just as important as protecting your skin from the energy of the sun.

Through this online workshop we will cover:

  • Bullying, Power Players & Manipulation
  • Energy Drain
  • Psychic Energy Attack
  • Emotional Attachments
  • Practical Protection Methods
  • Visualisation
  • White Light Shield
  • Coloured Shields
  • Bubble Technique
  • Chakra Protection
  • Disco Ball Protection
  • The Painted X
  • Cutting Cords
  • Crystal & Gemstone Protection
  • Protecting Loved Ones & Children
  • Cleansing & Clearing Energy
  • Invoking the Angels, Guides & Guardians
  • Guided Meditation
  • Music
  • Candle Light
  • Essences, Oils & Sprays
  • Sea & Himalayan Salts
  • Plants & Flowers
  • Drums, Cymbals, Bells & Singing Bowls
  • Smudging & Incense
  • Gratitude Altars

+ Tips & Techniques

So enjoy this workshop where you will discover the Protection, Cleansing & Clearing.

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