Our major life cycles including birth, death, sickness and illness allow a variety of emotions to come to the surface. When we are affected by these cycles, we feel encouraged, re-evaluate life and make changes in our own lives. Some reflect knowing that life is fragile and not something to take for granted and ask themselves, what I have done with the past 10, 20, 30, 40 years of my life? They choose to let go of people, places and situations that no longer are important and they make are solution to get back on top and plan for a happy future that is full of meaning. For a brief moment they feel empowered and ready to fight for their life.

When people experience this euphoric feeling of wanting to find happiness, but are unsure how to move forward they seek guidance. Quite often people come to me for guidance on how to break the mundane cycle of life so I give them an analogy and explain that life is like water. I ask them to imagine water trickling down until it reaches the water hole at the base of the mountain. I explain that when the waterfalls and hits the rock sit doesn’t stop, it finds another way around so it can continue on, down to the waterhole. No matter what the block, it just keeps trickling finding alternative routes until it reaches its destination. It’s the same with life when road blocks come up and divert us from our path. Some may need to rest on the side of the path until they are ready to move forward and others may choose to take a different direction or route. It may take longer but you need to find your way back to the path that leads you to your final destination. One question I ask my clients when they feel they are stuck is, if they were to die tomorrow, what would people say about them at their funeral? This question brings reality sharply into focus and is an eye opening way to realize whether they have strayed from their path or have simply stagnated. Some have a feeling of accomplishment while others contemplate their future. If they are unsure, I ask them what legacy of themselves do they want to leave behind for their family, friends and or their community to be remembered for. I ask, do they want to live life by going through the motions or do they want to make a difference their life and the lives of others.

On a soul level we make a soul contract which is our agreement before we come to earth. In this contract we choose who we are what we experience and situations we face and people we meet on our life journey. We may choose a difficult experience illness, or we may make sacrifices for future lives, to confront evil or experience tragedy. We choose this human experience in all areas of life so we can understand by making good choices. From these learning experiences our soul evolves spirituality as our life wisdom expands. When we encounter or witness major learning experiences we understand that the cycle of life is not just birth and death. Life is growth through our many and varied human experiences and the choices we make on our journey and the ripple effect we have on others. It is through knowledge and understanding that we open our hearts and souls to discover that life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

Through this online workshop we will cover:

  • Birth
  • Indigo, Crystal & Rainbow Children
  • Wisdom through Life Experiences
  • Gone Before their Time
  • Disease & Illness
  • Miscarriages, Abortion & Childhood Illness
  • Accidents
  • Drug & Alcohol Addiction
  • Death
  • Unexpected Death
  • Suicide
  • Murder
  • Grief
  • The Grieving Process

+ Tips & Techniques

So enjoy this workshop where you will discover the circle of life and beyond.


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