The hereafter or spirit world is where you go after you have left earth and the physical body. The spirit rises and the soul floats into another world. It is here that the magic truly begins. As a medium, I see people in spirit all the time as I have the ability to see, feel and connect with their true essence, their soul energy. Sometimes this journey of crossing over may seem daunting for the person who is about to pass on but, it is just as overwhelming for the people they have left behind. The connection to the physical body is gone and the soul rises to the next stage of life.

The process of death connects those in Heaven and here on earth, keeping the two worlds forever connected. In this content I explain the process of death and the soul’s journey as it travels into the light of the Other Side and into Heaven. It is this defining moment that changes the lives of everyone involved, as the loss of a loved one catapults those left behind deep into a past they cannot change and a future they do not want to embrace. I will explain our connection to God, the fear of hell, there incarnation process, and grief for those left behind. I will describe what out of body and near death experiences are. The Hereafter 101 will take you on a journey of the afterlife all the way through to the soul’s purpose and journey of life & through to the connections of the guardians and beyond.

Through this online workshop we will cover:

  • The Last Breath
  • Crossing Over
  • The Gates of Heaven
  • The Seven Kingdoms of Heaven
  • Gods Kingdom
  • God – The Almighty
  • The Fear of Hell
  • Reincarnation
  • How do I live without you?
  • Out if Body Experience (OBE)
  • Near Death Experience (NDE)
  • The Soul
  • The Higher Self
  • The Higher Heart
  • Soul Contracts
  • Past Lives
  • Eternal Vows
  • Releasing Past Vows
  • Faith & Religion
  • Akashic Records – The Book of Life
  • Ascension
  • Our Connection to Spirit
  • The Elemental Kingdom
  • Departed Loved Ones
  • Spirit Guides
  • Guardian Angels
  • Angels
  • The Archangels
  • Ascended Masters
  • Gods, Goddesses & Deities
  • The Light Council
  • The Divine Plan through the Rays of Light
  • Muscle Relaxation Meditation

So enjoy this workshop where you will discover all about The Hereafter& Beyond.

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