Julie is a country girl medium who for as long as she can remember knew she was not alone. She was never scared to sleep with the light off or walk into a dark room as she knew she was protected by angels.

Her dad was slightly unnerved by her being able to see angels and was even more surprised when one night she reeled off the Lotto numbers correctly just before they were drawn on television.
“My Dad would say, ‘Julie we need more time to put the numbers in so we can win,’” says Julie. “But I had to explain to him it doesn’t work that way.”

After Julie’s dad died of a heart attack she started having vivid dreams about him in which he told Julie about her sister Karen becoming pregnant with a baby boy, two years before it actually happened.
“My dad said, ‘Your sister is pregnant, but she doesn’t know it yet. And it is going to be a boy,’” says Julie.

Julie has written about her life in her self-published book Dancing with Spirit, as well as releasing a children’s book, Gemma and the Fairies and recently her Universal Book of Life – Encyclopedia of Spirituality & Beyond.
Julie lives on The Sunshine Coast where she conducts her readings. Julie has done many psychic medium shows over the years and she conducted numerous workshops and demonstrations at expos and festivals.
Julie is married and has two small children.

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