The Universal Book Of Life





Foreword – By Maria Elita 17
Preface: Fasten your seatbelt… You’re about to fly! 19
Introduction: Psychic or a little Psycho? 25
How to Use this Book 29



Chapter 1: What is Life?

The Big Bang Theory


The Tree of Life
The Lost Lands ofAtlantis
Mythical Creatures
The Mayans
TheAncient Egyptians
The Wheel of Life
Chapter 2: Ancient Knowledge

Culture &Tradition


The Power of Crystals
Mother Nature
Rainbows & Colours

The Shaman & Indigenous Cultures

Sacred Land & Ceremonies
Shape Shifting
Chapter 3: Symbolic Life

Ancient Symbols


Mother Earth & Father Sky
The Four Elements
Natural Disasters
Vibrational Energy



Quick Colour Reference Guide


Chapter 4:    Other Worlds                                                             51

Prophets & Prophecy

Spiritual Teachers & Leaders


The Sun, the Moons & the Stars

The Pleiadians

The Gateway to the Realms



Chapter 5: Finding Balance through Creative Expression

Music & Dance

Books, Film &Television
Writing & Journal Work
Artistic Impressions
Cherishing your Family &Alone Time
Chapter 6: Life’s Book of Everyday Secrets

Money &Abundance

Warriors vs. Victims
The Rules of Society
Home Is Where the Heart Is
What’s My Life Purpose?
Chapter 7: Feeling & Facing our Emotions

Love is…

Finding Passion, Excitement & Desire Within
Fear &Terror
Letting go ofAnger & Resentment
The Depths of Sadness & Depression
Passing Judgment
Greed, Revenge & Power
Forgiveness &Acceptance
The Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth
What is Freedom?
Chapter 8: Actions & Reactions

Drama, Drama, Drama

Karma is a Bitch if you are!

Quick Guide for Creating Good Karma

The Law ofAttraction


Quick Guide to Manifesting


Chapter 9:    The Circle of Life                                                      91


Indigo, Crystal & Rainbow Children

Wisdom through Life Experiences

Gone Before their Time

Disease & Illness

Miscarriages,Abortion & Childhood Illness


Drug &Alcohol Addiction


Unexpected Death




The Grieving Process


                                                                                Looking to the Future                                                                                                           115

Spiritual Evolution

Mind Mapping

Lessons in Life

Emotional, Physical & Financial Baggage

Breaking the Cycle

What does the Future Hold?

KISS: Keep it Simple Sweetheart (Simplify your daily life!)

Random Acts of Kindness

Quick Guide to Random Acts of Kindness

Quick Guide to Random Acts of Kindness for Kids

Chapter 11: Energy Protection                                                     129

Bullying, Power Players & Manipulation

Energy Drain

Psychic EnergyAttack


Earthbound Spirits, Lost Souls, Entities & Ghosts


Residual Energy, Vortexes & Portals

Chapter 12: Practical Protection Methods                                 139


White Light Shield

Colored Shields

Bubble Technique

Chakra Protection

Disco Ball Protection


The Painted X Cutting Cords

Crystal & Gemstone Protection

Protecting your Car

Quick Guide to Protecting your Car

Protecting Loved Ones & Children


Chapter 13: Cleansing & Clearing Energy                                147

Invoking theAngels, Guides & Guardians

Guided Meditation


Candles Light

Essences, Oils & Sprays

Sea & Himalayan Salts

Plants & Flowers

Drums, Cymbals, Bells & Singing Bowls

Smudging & Incense

Crystal Grids

Quick Guide to Setting a Grid Pattern

Body Cleansing & Clearing

Quick Guide to Cleansing & Clearing the Body

House Cleansing & Clearing

Quick Guide to Cleansing & Clearing

Your Home or Business


Reclaim your Power


Chapter 14: Psychic Medium Signs                                            161

Free Will


Intuition is our Sixth Sense



Responsibilities of a Psychic or Medium

Light workers

Oracles & Divination Tools

Messages & Signs

The Four ‘Clair’s’

Clairvoyance – I see

Clairsentience – I feel

Clair cognizance – I know

Clairaudience – I hear

Skepticism vs. Cynicism

Receiving a Private Reading from a Psychic or Medium


Chapter 15: The Hereafter                                                            177

The Last Breath

Crossing Over

The Gates of Heaven

The Seven Kingdoms of Heaven

The Kingdom of Heaven

The Kingdom of Enlightenment – Life Review

The Kingdom of Paradise

The Kingdom of Humanity

The Kingdom of Souls

The Kingdom of Eternal Wisdom

The Kingdom of the Universal Galaxy

Gods Kingdom

God – TheAlmighty

The Fear of Hell


How do I live without you?

I Will Remember you… Will you Remember me?

How soon after Death, can we make Contact?

Out of Body Experience (OBE)

Near Death Experience (NDE)



                                                                                         The Mysterious Mind                                                                                                           195

The Brain

Accidental Genius & Instant Virtuosos

The Placebo Effect

Chapter 17: Psychology of the Mind                                          201

The Three States of Mind


Past Life Regression vs. Past Life Meditation

Mental Illness

Psychotic Disorders

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Chapter 18: Relaxing the Mind                                                   209



Breathing Meditation

Muscle Relaxation Meditation

On the Spot Meditation

Candle Meditation

Walking Meditation

Clear Mind Meditation Visualization Meditation Mindful Meditation

Sound Meditation (Mantra) Sound Meditation (Drumming) Enchanted Meditation

Affirmations& Positive Thinking


PART V:FEEL GOOD, LOOK FABULOUS(BODY) Chapter 19: The Matrix            217

– The Human Energy System & Beyond


The First Seven Chakras

The Higher Chakras


Quick Guide to Aura Colour

Layers of theAuric Field

The 7 Inner Layers of theAuric Field

The 5 Outer Layers of theAuric Field

Restoring the Human Energy Field

Chakra Meditation

Chakra Colour Chart for Meditation

Chapter 20: Happy Mind, Happy Body, Happy Life!             231

The Physical Body

Disease or Dis-ease?


Exercise the Natural Drug

Body Healing



Chapter 21: The Soul                                                                     239

       The Higher Self

The Higher Heart

Soul Contracts

Past Lives

Eternal Vows

Vow of Poverty or Materialism

Vow ofAbstinence or Chastity

Vow ofAbnegation or Self-Sacrifice

Vow of Celibacy or Separation

Vow of Silence or Voluntary Sacrifice

Vow of Suffering or Retribution

Vow of Obedience or Humility

Releasing Past Life Vows

Faith & Religion

Akashic Records – The Book of Life


1stLevel of Ascension

2ndLevel of Ascension

3rdLevel of Ascension

4thLevel of Ascension

5thLevel of Ascension


Chapter 22: Hello, is there anyone out there?                           253

The Elemental Kingdom

Departed Loved Ones

Spirit Guides




Archangel Ariel

Archangel Azrael

Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Haniel

Archangel Jeremiel

Archangel Jophiel

Archangel Metatron

Archangel Michael

Archangel Raguel

Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raziel

Archangel Sandalphon

Archangel Uriel

Archangel Zadkiel

Ascended Masters

Gods, Goddesses & Deities

The Light Council

The Divine Plan through the Rays of Light




Chapter 23: To Infinity& Beyond!                                                 269

The Principles of Life

Quick Tips to Embrace Li



By Maria Elita

 It is with great pleasure to have been asked to write the fore word for The Universal  Book of Life. I truly believe you are in for an inspirational awakening that will be life-changing or, at the very least, an adventure of the spirit that will make you question your reality and beyond.

Julie and I have known of each other for years however, it was the divine fate of being cast for a TV show that gave us an opportunity to remember our true connection. When Channel 7 began casting for the show ‘The One’, Julie and I became immediate friends through the audition process and I knew instantly we would be cast together on the show and it would bring with it some miraculous experiences, which it did. One thing for sure is it gave us the time to discuss our united passions to be ‘more than a medium/psychic’ as we both held much wisdom about the way of the ‘true world’ and life itself. It was uncanny how many of Julie’s memories and wisdom aligned with my very own, and this is what I believe bonded our friendship for life.

I want to say, whether you know of Julie’s work or not does not matter, all you need to know is that Julie comes from a very honest and almost innocent space. She writes from total authenticity and wants to simply help others understand their existence, why they are here and how to cope in a world of dualities. I believe Julie has earned the right to do this as she has helped thousands of people through private sessions and readings, and I believe it is due to those very personal experiences with others; especially those in grief, that make she ran expert in the faith-filled ways of life.

So with this said, I ask that  you pause for a moment before reading what Julie has to say, to make sure that you too are in an open-minded space that is authentic for you. May I ask that you check in with yourself to see if your heart is open and your mind accepting of what Julie is sharing, and may you put aside your judgment and past beliefs to simply sit with all that is being offered to you in this ultimate guide to life. You may, in the silence of reading and accepting of truth, find yourself  receiving answers to the very questions that guided you to pick up this book in the first place.

Lastly, congratulations on being intuitive and listening to your soul’s voice today. Let it be known that you will be answered. The Universe has been listening and Miracles will happen many times throughout the pages of The Universal Book of Life.

Amen. Maria Elita

The Miracle Coach



Fasten your seat belt…You’re about to fly!

 For as long as I can remember, I have always been a little different from most people I know. It all started when I was four years old and was involved in a car accident with my Mum. It was in the emergency room at the local hospital that I met my first angel. He was an extremely beautiful angel with the most brilliant blue light surrounding him. A she came over to me he calmly told me that he was going to take care of me. I knew right there and then, that big blue angel was loving and kind and made me feel calm and safe. It was a traumatic time for my Mum not knowing how serious my injuries were. When Mum took my hand, she looked at me with sad eyes and asked how I was feeling. I turned to her and softly whispered, “I’m alright Mummy. The big blue angel standing next to you, told me that everything was going to be okay.” I remember the look on Mum’s face as she quickly went to find the doctor, assuming that I was hallucinating.

Tragically, three months later my Dad was also involved in a car accident that nearly took his life. He collided head on with a car travelling at high speed, suddenly swerved directly into the path of Dad’s car. The young driver was killed instantly. It took a miracle that day for Dad to survive, but he did. He was so badly injured he was bleeding from the ears and his face was so damaged that even an uncle, who was part of the emergency crew who freed him from the car, did not recognise him. The force of the collision was so brutal that an axe from the boot of our sturdy

1980 Ford Falcon went through the windscreen landing inside the other vehicle. After eventually being freed by the Jaws of Life and rushed to the city hospital, he was treated by doctors, a plastic surgeon and nursing staff until he finally returned home. Amazingly, he survived to live a relatively normal life but, sadly he was never the same person  again ,as he battled with the confusion of remembering and seeing things he couldn’t explain.

As time progressed, Dad’s healing was helped by his beloved racehorses. He was an owner and trainer for many years and enjoyed nothing more than connecting with the horses a she loved and cared for them. I guess this was when my passion for horses began. I loved talking to them and feeling their strength, power and determination as I watched them gallop as fast as they could around the track. We left the racehorses and the city behind when I was seven years old and moved to the country on an isolated property where we had no electricity. It was actually cheaper for us to move the house to the electricity than it was to bring the electricity to us, so we did! Money was scarce and we lived a very simple life. We grew our own vegetables and butchered our own cattle for meat. Other kids my age had no idea what it was like for me. They had all the home comforts at their finger tips, like hot running water and flushing the toilet and the ability to flick on a light switch or an appliance. We ran a generator for two hours each night to have lights, watch the news and the lotto on a Saturday night but it was‘ lights out’ at 8.30pm. Although ours was a very primitive lifestyle even for country people in the 1980’s,it was so comforting after the generator went off, we ventured outside to lay on the old metal shearers stretchers to watch the moon and stars each night. We had no close neighbors so after my sister left for boarding school, ‘Dollar’ my horse became my best friend.

It was a far cry from the life we led in the city where we had the racehorses, unlimited electricity, nice clothes, eating out and the freedom to buy and do whatever we wanted. We even had KFC and a Pizza Hut at the end of our street, which was a real luxury back in those days. While we were on the property I could see and talk to animals and people who had passed over. I knew things before they happened and I’d freak my Dad out when I called out the lotto numbers just before they were drawn. When the news reader appeared on television I would say the exact headline words just seconds before the news reader. I thought this was very normal and loved playing the game of guessing the lotto numbers. Dad didn’t cope well with this, so he would send me off to clean my room or feed the cat. (This was until one day when he asked me if I could give him the lotto numbers by lunchtime). It wasn’t until we left the property and moved into town that I realized what was normal for me, was not for others. When I started boarding school I began to realize how much of a burden this really was, so out of fear and ridicule I decided not to speak about it and become ‘normal’ like everyone else.

When I was eighteen my Dad, who appeared very fit and well, died unexpectedly of a heart attack on Mother’s Day. I remember being so shocked, so sad and so very angry that he just left without saying goodbye. He was my rock. He was my Dad. I couldn’t believe he had gone, especially when we were so close. I was devastated that he would not be there to walk me down the aisle on my wedding day and he wouldn’t bet here to play with my children or watch them grow up, but most of all, I was upset that he wasn’t there for me anymore. It took a long time for my grief to fade just a little. I still recall the many trips I took with my boyfriend, when suddenly I would sob uncontrollably as I stared out the window, so sad that my heart was broken. It hurt so much I felt it break my spirit within. I may have been eighteen but I grew up very fast from that day on. That’s when I decided I wasn’t going to take anything for granted ever again. Lucky for me, that boyfriend who was always there for me, even when I sobbed uncontrollably in the car, helped my heart to heal over the next few years. He was a loving, caring, genuine man who became my husband five years later. During those year she eased that heartache I carried from losing Dad, for which I will be forever grateful.

We loved each other so much and began our own family when our enchanting little princess was born. She was amazing and so calm. Her smile would light up the room. It was magical but we knew our little family was not complete. Two years later, our little prince was born. I was especially elated when he arrived unexpectedly three weeks early, on the ninth anniversary of Dad’s death. That night I saw Dad with my own eyes so clearly, for the very first time. He stood in my hospital room looking so full of life, like he had never left. He brushed my hair away from my face and told me he will always love me and that he was so proud of me and his new little grandson. A she talked, the tears rolled down my face and he leaned in and he wiped my tears away. He told me I could no longer hide and that it was my time to reveal my heart to all and he would be there for me every step of the way.

That was the day my  journey really began. I didn’t know where my path lay, I just knew that I had to honor who I was and that this work was so important. After all, I am just a normal everyday person who had a humble and simplistic upbringing. I wondered, why me? When I think back on those times now, I know I wouldn’t change a thing about my life. Between the angels, the horses ,nights under the moonlit sky and the time spent with Dad, I knew I would pull through. Dad, my angels, guides and guardians were obviously watching over me, urging and guiding me to become the person I could no longer hide, the person I needed to be… ME! It was so confronting when I finally spiritually awakened and let Spirit back into my heart. I realized that my connection to Spirit was natural and strong. I was very different! I just knew when things were about to happen! I was able to predict future events,I knew when a friend was having a tough time and I could even sense when someone was about to pass over. So, why didn’t everyone else know what I knew ,or see what I could see when I wasn’t even trying? I was in such unfamiliar territory because my gift, as everyone else called it, was natural and very different. At this stage, I had no idea know what to do with it. I started seeing, hearing, feeling and sensing things that I could not explain. The voices were getting louder and louder but instead of feeling afraid, I was excited and I just wanted to learn more. Could I control these voices? Why were they now coming to me? So often I asked those words, why me? I could no longer hide. I must be truthful and honest with my family, my children but especially within myself.

Through this awakening I was living in a small town with a population of around 5,000 people and nobody to really confide in. No one to guide me on how to deal with all that was happening and no mentor to show me the ropes. I did however, meet some beautiful friends who helped me to understand what I had was special and that I had to open my heart and listen to learn the language of Spirit. So, I called on Dad to help me, to hold my hand and open the door to the Other Side so I could understand this role I was given and my purpose with this so called gift. This was by far one of the most challenging yet rewarding times in my life as I questioned everything I had ever been hiding behind. It was an amazing feeling to come from a place of pure love and living life being positive and having integrity and respect for those around me. I had really started to grow spiritually and noticed many people gravitating toward me, asking for advice and trusting in who I was. By believing in myself and honoring my gift, my life moved in leaps and bounds as I opened a healing house and started doing readings,writing books, winning a wards and appearing on television.All these things showed me that my journey had only just begun.

Over the years, I have had many discussions with family, friends, colleagues, clients and other’s from all walks of life about my natural connection to the spirit world. I always have people asking me how do I know so much and have so many insights about the hereafter. I explain that I work with Spirit to understand the meaning of life as they impart their wisdom and knowledge on all that is life.Most live in a box filled with everyday interests including family,friendships,career, money, love, houses, and cars and soon and never stop to think about their life and their journey or why good and bad things happen to people? Sometimes we are so wrapped up in our own little world that we don’t even take the time to think of how others may be feeling or about what life may be like outside the box. We live our lives through our emotions and by the standards that we have in our society, in the quest to be normal. With so many people experiencing emotional, physical and financial hardship, it is no wonder that they get so caught up in the wants and needs of life. However, outside this box there is a whole other world that poses so  many questions of why, what, where, when, how, and who? People want to know:-

 What is spirituality? How does it affect me? Why am I here?

What does the future hold for me? What about the past?


So, I have written this book to impart the knowledge and wisdom that was passed onto me to encompass all of these questions about life and beyond. I will explore the mind, body and soul connection and the connection to our past, present and future, to fully explain how all of these aspects of life are interconnected as one. We need to realize that for most times in our life we forget about peace, hope, love and understanding and think more about the pain, fear and misery in our lives. We worry too much about lack of money and time and we forget about the important things in life like our family, friends and nature. We need to stop and think about our children and ask ,“What does’t heir future hold?”This book will show you how to open your heart and soul, to shine the light within and grow to be the best person you can be.

The Universal Book of Life is the teachings of life, imparted to me my higher guides, The Master Melchizedek and The Brothers of the Light. They asked me to share their wisdom and knowledge of life so you may see the connection between Heaven and Earth and understand the process of life and beyond. In some parts of this book when referring to God, religion and faith, I use the word God as a reference to the Higher Power, The Creator and The Almighty. If you believe in a different God that is okay but please note this is what I will use as an easy reference. I use the word God as I believe in the faith of God, Heaven and Earth and the Divine right to spiritually evolve. This book holds the knowledge and wisdom to see spirituality in a completely different light. I have written this book so you will find meaning in everything you do, from what job you are in, to who your friends and are why money seems so important. This book answers so many questions about life, death,spirituality and beyond. There is no book on the market quite like The Universal Book of Life. It will open your eyes to the meaning of life and answer many questions in this easy to read encyclopedia. You will learn how to master your life through knowledge and wisdom and how to make the right choices for you.

I always knew that teaching through writing and speaking was part of my purpose, to open my heart and to help others by sharing the knowledge I learned directly from my angels, guides, guardians, masters and of course, my Dad. I was to comfort people by connecting them with their loved ones who had passed, to explain what life is like on the Other Side and how they connect with us on a daily basis. It was then I knew I had to write this Encyclopedia of Spirituality & Beyond for people to really understand the purpose of life and all it has to offer! So ,I challenge you right now to randomly open this book to any page. Notice where your eye land son the page and read the paragraph to get your special message just for you today.

 Go on. Just do it!

You will soon see just how magical this book is as it will take you to places you have never been.

So my message is…  Fasten your seat belt… you’re about to Fly!




 Psychic or a little Psycho?

It amazes me how we tend to describe people and sum up their whole personality in to one short sentence. Over a cup of coffee we chat about what is happening in our daily lives with friends and family. Sometimes we have a conversation about someone and realize the other person doesn’t know who we are talking about, so we describe them quickly in a few words like, “Oh you know Mary, the one who is pregnant and walks her kids to school!” Instantly, from that one description, people understand exactly who we are talking about. For some reason we all have one sentence to describe every person we know. For example, ‘the cranky one that works at the shop’ or ‘the man with the funny voice ‘or ‘the lady who never leaves her house.’

Sometimes, when I am ‘off duty’ from being Julie McKenzie – The Natural Medium, I am Jules, the Mum, wife, friend, the ordinary every day person who loses her keys and occasionally runs late for social gatherings.I get to switch off and just be‘ normal’.However,it is so funny when ever I meet new people and engage in great conversation and enjoy a laugh or two.As time progresses,the person usually asks what I do for a living.

This is always difficult because there’s absolutely no way around it without lying. I can say I’m an author but then they ask what I write about. So I say, “Well actually, I am a medium.”The look on their face is priceless and after the initial shock, they say, “Oh ,but you seem quite normal.” Or, the other popular response I get is,“Really,so who do you see around me?”I always laugh because it’s probably not the time or the place to‘see’anything. However, most of the mare curious.After it sinks in a little, they ask more questions about what I do. That is when the real questions come out and the fascination about the Other Side starts. “How does all this ahh….stuff work? “Do you really see dead people? Is it scary?’ I reply,“ Yes, I actually do see dead people and no, I am not scared at all.” Most people who ask me these questions don’t do this to test me,but are interested to know and just blurt it out. Often they ask me ten questions in one breath. Once they ask, they are then immediatelyintimidatedaboutwhatImightbeseeingandtheyinstantlythink, “Oh my gosh! What if she knows my deepest,darkest secrets?”I reassure them that I don’t make a connection unless I have their prior approval.

Everyone has so many unanswered questions about all this‘ stuff’ and how it works! Here are just some of the regular questions that I am asked:-

 Who is around me?

Are my loved ones in Heaven, and are they okay? What is the meaning of life?

What’s my life purpose? What are shape shifters?

Why does money affect us and why do we let it? Why do our emotions control who we are?

Why is there so much drama in life?

Why do people think they deserve, instead of earn respect? Why is there so much fear in the world?

Why don’t people feel they don’t have to be responsible for their actions? What’s the law of attraction?

What is karma? How do I manifest? Are miracles real?

What does the future hold for our children? Why do people die?

What happens when they die? Is there a Heaven?

Is hell real?

Why do people die horrible deaths and what about suicide and murder? How can I protect myself from others?

What’s mind mapping?

What is an earthbound spirit or lost soul? What is an entity?

What is smudging?

How do you connect to the Other Side? How do you know they are around you? How do you cleanse and clear your home? What’s a crystal grid pattern?

What’s a psychic medium?

What are the messages and signs? What’s do you expect from a reading?



 What’s a life review?

Do we really reincarnate?

When should I consult a medium?

How does spirituality connect with the scientific brain?

What about our dreams?

Do affirmations really work?

Does meditation work?

Why is our physical body so important? What are chakras?

What is an aura?

What are the levels of the auric field? What is the significance of colours? How can we heal the body?

What is a soul?

Can we place vows on ourselves? What about past lives?

What are the Akashic Records? What about faith and religion? What is ascension?

Are angels, spirit guides, guardian angels and fairies real? Who are the Archangels?

Who are the Ascended Masters? Is there really a God?

Yes I know, lots of questions! But all those questions haven’t even covered a quarter of the topics in this book! This book answers all of these questions and many, many more. Once we begin to think outside the box it creates a thirst for knowledge as we want to know more and more.

It’s quite simple really… Read this book!

The Universal Book of Life is a revolutionary encyclopedia that gives you knowledge  on all aspects of spirituality to understand, not just about where you have been and where you are now, but where you are heading in the future. This book that goes right to the heart of spirituality and life with a comprehensive guide featuring over 200 topics about life and beyond that will inspire you and expand your awareness on your own journey of life.

Once you have gained the knowledge and wisdom of The Universal Book of Life you will soon see that You Don’t Choose a Life–You Live One! As you start the first page in your own book of life, you will learn about our life and discover your Divine true essence empowering you to master yourself to be the best person you can be. Knowledge is power, and when you have the power, who knows where you can go from here. So, it’s time to take your power back!

In the words of Buzz Light year, To Infinity& Beyond!


How to Use this Book

The Universal Book of Life–Encyclopedia of Spirituality & Beyond is easy to read as well as being an informative reference book that you can consult at anytime. It teaches you a vast array of knowledge so you can understand your own book of life. This book has many ‘pearls of wisdom’ which are real insights into the many aspects that spirituality offers to us all on a daily basis.

I encourage you to read this book from start to finish encapsulating the essence of The Universal Book of Life. This way you can master your true self, one without restrictions so your dreams do become your reality. The best thing about this book is that you will always be able to refer back to the information ,time and time again.

Another great feature of this book is the ability to use it on a daily basis, just like choosing a daily oracle. All you have to do is randomly open the book to any page and wherever you eye lands, read that paragraph and it will be a special message, just for you.

One last thing!


Take ownership of this book by writing your name inside the front cover! Trust me, your sneaky friends will want to keep it after they have read it!

Julie McKenzie




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