*Julie’s groundbreaking BOOK is like no other featuring over 200 topics about Spirituality & Beyond covering Past, Present, Future, Mind, Body & Soul. This encyclopedia has all the answers to Life’s Questions. 

Don’t underestimate the power and integrity of your soul

Because you don’t choose a life – you live one!


We come into this world with a purpose, a mission to fulfil our soul destiny to understand the meaning of life. Through the reality of our experiences of Past, Present & Future we find wisdom and understanding of the divine principles of life. When we connect life to the Mind, Body & Soul we find faith, hope, love, humility, gratitude and trust. When we believe in the infinite truth we can see the true light of our spiritual soul.

The Universal Book of Life is an Encyclopedia of Spirituality & Beyond, a profound revolutionary book featuring over 200 topics. It takes you directly to the heart of life’s issues and explains the spiritual connection to your life. This easy to use reference guide gives you life wisdom and knowledge that empowers you to find future happiness.

In this book you will discover that life is…

∞      History & Mystery  –  PAST

∞      The Circle of Life  –  PRESENT

∞      The Future & Beyond  –  FUTURE

∞      The Power of the Mind  – MIND

∞      Feel Good, Look Fabulous  –  BODY

∞      Soul Survival  –  SOUL

To Infinity & Beyond! …. So what’s the first page of your story?

Julie McKenzie – The Natural Medium is one of Australia’s leading, loved and respected Psychic Mediums. She is the successful author of her autobiographical story Dancing with Spirit and popular children’s book, Gemma & the Fairies. She has helped many people all over the world to bring comfort to their life through healing, clarity and understanding their connection to the spirit world. Julie’s inspiration motivates people empowering them to live their life and embrace the spirit within.


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